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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Harvard to Las Vegas

My previous post on Casinoes set me thinking about the gaming Industry . When I was reading Newsweek today, an article caught my eye. The largest casino gaming company in the world now is Harrah's . The biggest surprise was the CEO of Harrah's. He is a MIT trained Economist and a former Harvard Business School Prof !! He has been hiring mathematicians and computer jocks to help create high-tech marketing programs at Harrah's and has turned it into a profit machine .

So casino isn't just glamour and fun , a lot of serious "hard work" and smart guys are behind it !


  • Interesting! BTW, I wonder how you pick up these little interesting pieces of information.Actually, ur blog makes a value addition to my knowledge base every time i am around here..


    By Blogger Abhay, at 10:37 PM  

  • Nice article. Thanx for the pointer.

    By Blogger Kaps, at 1:05 AM  

  • I agree that there is a MIT brain behind the casinos.

    But, I should also mention one of your previous blogs, in which you state that the business institutions are the reason for the Bad Ethics in the industry.

    These Casinos implicitly generate porn culture, to which Singapore is already highly succeptible.

    Not only these casinos go against the rules of the land they also become a seed for other social crimes.

    There is really no way to control these cultural changes in an economically driven world.

    At least there is some body who could control these Casinos, like the Singapore Government which analyzed the impacts for an year.

    But, My concern is about the PORN culture in the Internet. I was ashamed by an article which stated that the millions of porn sites that are poisonously spreaded across Internet, are exploiting teans in countries like India to involve in the Porn industry just to run their day-to-day business.

    In a country like India, where there is some meaning for family based values, these so called business oriented / money minded industries are the reason for the exploitation.

    If I am given a chance and power, the primary thing that I would do is to control these Porn sites and the porn culture that is not controlled by anyone.

    (Advertly, search engines like yahoo and google are the main reason for these porn culture in Internet.)

    As every one is aware, science is good, it is the technology that is corrupted by our human intentions.

    In a morally polluted world like this, any innocent father will fear to bring children to the world.

    Just thought of sharing.......

    By Blogger Tisai, at 10:50 AM  

  • Abby, Thanks.


    Siva, Agreed. The realities and lure of the Casino far outweigh the social costs in the govt's opinion. The govt is also undertaking massive de-addiction and crime prevention programmes to prevent the social damage.

    Its a situation all of us face in everyday life. Where we compromise depends on our internal morality/ethics compass.

    By Blogger Cogito, at 1:17 PM  

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