Cerebral Shangrila

Thursday, July 24, 2003


Patriotism seems to be the Flavor of the season , with "Indian-ness" being a key Brand Globally these days . After almost a decade of liberalising the economy , we are finally seeing the fruits of it with the Forex Reserves touching a new High and India emerging as a key player in the Global IT Outsourcing wave. In spite of the persistant Rampant Corruption , Poverty & the "babudom"still plaguing and inhibiting growth , India undeniably has made rapid strides towards Globalisation and Economic Development . Everyday we hear stories of another Fortune 500 Giant moving / Outsourcing some of its business to India and newer jobs being created here as a Result. We stand at the threshold of a tremendous future , Which I hope we catch up with inspite of the Page 3 Headlines we continue to make. I choose to remain an incorrigible optimist in this regard preferring to see the half filled glass ( IT/Pharma progress , Growing Literacy , Growth of an educated & talented working class, Bulging Forex Reserves ) than the Half empty ( Political Instability / Corruption , Skewed Outdated Policies still in some key areas , Poverty ) . Lets all Hope & resolve to build a stronger & Vibrant nation for the future .


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