Cerebral Shangrila

Monday, July 28, 2003


BCL , Saravana Bhavan , Darna Mana Hai & Sai Baba Temple turned out to be the keywords for this weekend. The saturday turned out to be an usual one with a Trip to Saravana Bhavan in Connought Place ( God Bless these guys for the wonderful food & giving me a break from the Roti-Daal - Chaawal routine of the weekdays) , followed by the British Council Library . BCL in Delhi has a fairly good collection of Books , Although I sorely miss the US & Indian Collection of books which I have got accustomed to. Grabbed a P.G.Wodehouse & a BBC Wildlife Mag and we headed to see "Darna Mana Hai". The Movie Turned out to be a Pleasant surprise with a Different Storyline ( Six Stories & 7 College Guys/gals and lot of murder and Ghosts - The Best of the Six Stories was that of Nana & Vivek) . Sameera Reddy looked awesome and had an amazing screen presence.

Sunday was quite Hot and we went to the Sai Baba mandir in the evening amidst Drizzle .


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