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Friday, September 05, 2003

MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT has put its entire curriculum on the internet for free. Yes -really- F R E E ! (syllabus,lecture notes, assignments, exams... everything!) and is aptly called OpenCourseWare (or OCW). While one cannot get a degree out of going through these courses, it is a great place for anyone acquiring knowledge by self learning or teaching.

Quoting MIT's foreword:

" MIT and the OpenCourseWare team are excited to share with you a first sampling of course materials from MIT's Faculty. We invite educators around the world to draw upon the materials for their own curricula, and we encourage all learners to use the materials for self-study. " OCW is online since last year with currently about 32 courses out of its 2000 odd courses are currently available and online. MIT hopes to implement most of those 2000 odd courses by the end of year 2007.

That must be a tremendous feeling of hope for those who are always a student at heart, those who could never make it to MIT or dreaming it to be reading MIT's course material some day in their life. What a better way to educate the world than by OpenCourseWare. Most of all, what a brilliant idea, of selflessness and of breaking away from the conservative approach of learning or teaching -- truly laudable. Way to go MIT!

Relive your student life online with MIT's OpenCourseWare at http://ocw.mit.edu

P.S : Thanks to Aravinth for putting this post in our Corporate Intranet .


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