Cerebral Shangrila

Wednesday, December 03, 2003


One of the most fascinating study is about the Migration of Birds. Science is yet to find a Definitive answer as to how Birds find their Direction when flying such a Long Distance. The siberian Crane flies from Russia to India and the mightiest of them is the Arctic Tern which flies from Arctic to Antarctic and back every year . Amazing !!

The Book "Trials of life " gives some interesting inputs on this phenomenon. The scientists for a long time thought its the position of Sun & stars which provides them the Direction. But experiments on a Cloudy day or with Opaque glasses fitted to Birds have proved that most of them still found their way back !! . The other explanation is that the earth's magnetic field acts as a Guidance to the Birds ( A fact corroborated by traces of magnetic material in Birds and also when magnets strong enough to deflect earth's magnetic field were placed in the Birds they lost their way ) . So now scientists beleive its a Combination of the Magneto-astrnomical forces which help the Bird in its trajectory.

Its amazing the way these birds find Direction so easily travelling thousand of miles where we Human beings have to look for Driving Directions to places where we have been so many times !!


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