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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Narain @ Sepang -- F1

If all goes well , I should be at the Sepang F1 Racing ( Malaysian F1 Grand Prix) on the 20th March ( Don't worry , only in the audience ! ). We , Indian Students here in Singapore are trying to get tickets for the Malaysian F1 Grand Prix.

It would truly be a momentous occasion to cheer Narain Karthikeyan in Malaysia ! My knowledge about F1 is quite limited , but from what I hear , its no mean achievement to qualify for F1 Racing . The Year of 2005 seems to have dawned propitiously for Indians with Sania Mirza's WTA Triumph and Narain's F1 Qualification .


  • Hey!!! Recd. the ppt. Thanks...

    And F1 is an exhilirating experience. I was at Monza Grand Prix in September at Italy. Just one word - Exhilirating!!!

    Three things are must for a F1 race:
    1. Spirit
    2. Camera (Video preferable...:p)
    3.Ear Plugs

    Cheer for Ferrari!!! And ofcourse our own Karthikeyan... I will be following it seriously on ESPN!!!
    Have fun and take loads of pics.

    By Blogger A Confused Soul, at 3:48 AM  

  • Hey , Thanks for the advise. Watch out for a Gang of 12 waving Huge Indian Flags !!!

    By Blogger Cogito, at 4:15 PM  

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