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Monday, February 07, 2005

Thanjavur Temple Posted by Hello

India and its culture never ceases to amaze people. I was fortunate enough to watch a program on the " Brahatheeswara Temple" on the Discovery Channel. Brahatheeshwara Temple ( also known as Big Temple) is located in Thanjavur,Tamil Nadu and is one of the most famous temples in India.Its an engineering marvel with a huge vimana (216 feet) and the shadow of the cupola on top never falls on the Ground ! The program showed its architectural beauty & how they might have moved the Huge 25 ton Granite stone ( The huge Nandhi which is 25 ton) using Elephants & inclined planes ( They tried doing it in the program with the aid of Elephants and found even part of it very difficult - a testimony to the architectural and engineering prowess of yesteryears).

The temple was constructed almost 1000 years ago ( 995 years actually -- for the number trivia freaks) and stands as a testimony to the Chola heritage & the Greatness of " Raja Raja Chola " . Most Tamilians would be familiar with the great Chola emperor Raja Raja Cholan ( Most of them through Kalki's magnum Opus " Ponniyin Selvan" or the others through Sivaji Ganesan's movie Raja Raja Cholan) . Arul Mozhi is the Hero of Kalki's immortal Classic novel " Ponniyin Selvan" ( If you haven't read this book , you don't know what you have missed in life ! ) & took on the title of " Raja Raja Chola" after incarnation as a King.

I visited this temple almost 10 years ago and was stunned by its huge Vimana & Nandhi . The Thanjavur temple is an ode to our Glorious past !


  • Yeah it is really worthy, out of the entire tanjore this is best hangout place, Deiveega kadal practice pannalam ;), of course there will be few persons like me playing the role of villain breaching privacy.

    By Blogger gormandizer, at 9:40 PM  

  • :-)

    By Blogger Cogito, at 9:09 PM  

  • Wonderful post man. seriously. Though a tamizh, haven't been able to go to Tanjoreside. Now that I've got a job and it starts by July 1st, my convo being on 12th march, have some spare time to travel around India. Would surely make it a point to be there!!!

    Would then post direct pictures from my camera and you can take it!!!

    By Blogger A Confused Soul, at 1:59 PM  

  • Thanks. Looking fwd to ur Photos !

    By Blogger Cogito, at 9:26 AM  

  • wat u ve told abt "ponniyin selvan" is really really true man... but pity me i ve never gone to tanjai peria kovil :(

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:49 AM  

  • The place was really cool. I wish I had more time to roam around Tanjai.

    By Blogger Seal, at 2:39 PM  

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