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Monday, May 16, 2005

Taj Mahal -- Music Review

Its like a breath of fresh air. The music of Taj mahal just wafts gently , sweeps you and lingers in the ears forever. To start , thanks for choosing , Naushad as the music director for this movie. The " Ustad" known for his Classics like Baiju Bawra,Mughal-e-Azam has done a terrific job.

The music is completely Classical, laced with ghazals & qawwalis that have been rendered excellently by Hariharan ( An awesome singer who has never been utilized properly by bollywood),Kavita Krishnamurthy,Preeti uttam. The best songs are Apni Zulfein ( Hariharan) , Dilruba Dilruba ( Hariharan,Preeti Uttam) & Yeh Kaun ( Ajoy Chakraborty) .

The music is haunting and one cannot avoid noting a tinge of elegy in the melodies (Resonant with Shah Jahan's pensive love). With such great music , the movie better be good.

P.S : FYI : Here is the Official website of the movie and if you want to listen to the songs , here is the link from Musicindiaonline.


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