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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

TIME - 100 Best Films

The Time magazine's movie critics Richard Corliss & Richard Schickel have come up with the 100 best films of all time. While the list contains the usual favorites like Godfather,Citizen Kane,Schindler's list,Casablanca,Ikiru,Lawerence of Arabia,Psycho ( and so on & on & on....................) , it has also has some surprises like Finding Nemo,The purple rose of cairo .

Three Indian movies feature in the list. Satyajit Ray's "Apu Trilogy" , Guru Dutt's immortal " Pyaasa" & Maniratnam's " Nayagan" .

"Pyaasa" is a classic with deep philosophical meaning and is a slap on the double standards of the society. "Nayagan" was a wonderfully crafted indian version of Godfather. Great acting and excellent screenplay and direction. Both movies had great music and by a sheer coincidence , the music for these films have been scored by my favorite music directors S.D.Burman & Illayaraja respectively.

Btw, I wrote a post long ago on my favorite ten movies ( Pyaasa was there in that list but I had Mouna Raagam instead of Nayagan ! ).

P.S : Not sure why Apu trilogy got listed as one movie. Pather Panchali (the best among the three in the trilogy) should have been there .


  • I agree with your point that PP should have been there. Problem is PP is such a period film that most people can easily ignore it, especially if they have not heard of the filmmaker before.

    By Blogger Krish, at 6:42 AM  

  • The credit goes completely to Mani eventhough Kamal had delivered beautifully. You can see the pains taken, after observing the final product without any loopholes.

    By Blogger Ram C, at 5:26 AM  

  • Thennavan, yeah PP was the first "realistic" Indian movie with an amazing simplicity and style.

    Ram.C , yeah Mani had done a great job. Kamal's acting was phenomenal.no wonder he got a national award.

    By Blogger Cogito, at 11:24 AM  

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