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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Love Story -- Book, Movie and the Soundtrack

I love the book , like the movie and adore the soundtrack.I watched the movie " Love Story (*ing Ryan O'Neal & Ali Mcgraw ) recently.

I don't read many romance novels but then "Love Story" wasn't a ordinary romance novel . I loved Erich Segal's narrative style , intelligent wit and sharp dialogues. The book was a runaway bestseller selling millions of copies and being translated to more than 20 languages. Its got one of the best opening line for book .

The movie wasn't bad either. The grandiose Harvard halls , Wintery Boston elevated the visual narrative ( The movie was a huge commercial success though panned by critics was being too maudlin and emotional ).

But the best was its Soundtrack. Francis Lai's theme soundtrack is awesome. He won a Grammy,Golden Globe & Oscar ( deservedly so !) for best original film score. What a haunting score , it keeps reverberating in my mind even now !


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