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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

World Animal Day

Today (October 4th) is the World Animal Day .

Wildlife in most parts of the world face habitat loss,unscruplous hunting & poaching . Scientists predict that "we are entering the first episode of mass extinction [of species and ecosystems] in 65 million years—the first ever since human beings came into existence."

"Of the 1.7 million species, the United Nations Environment Programme's Assessment of Biodiversity reported that between five percent and 20 percent of some groups of animals and plant species are threatened with extinction."Ecosystems are a complex linkage of interdependence and hence scientists do not know which species we can do without or what losses might result from the extinction of any one species. With that in mind, some scientists conclude that humanity cannot afford the extinction of any species" .

What can we do ?

1. Recycle everything you can: newspapers, cans, glass, aluminum foil , scrap metal etc
2. Don't buy products that come from endangered animals.
3. Don't keep "exotic pets".
4. Volunteer your time to conservation projects.
5. Teach children to respect nature and the environment.

Having personally been involved in wildlife conservation over the past few years, I can vouch that nothing can be more fulfilling.


  • Good Info !!
    Thanks !!

    By Blogger Adaengappa !!, at 11:36 AM  

  • everyone has to pool in his best to save nature
    nice thought and action

    By Blogger Slice Of Life, at 3:15 PM  

  • Sadly...genetics dont hold good in my case! You take care of the animals...and let me take care of the birds :P

    By Blogger Ram, at 1:16 AM  

  • Arun - nice thoughts man


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:22 PM  

  • it is good that people have realised atleast now about all these sort of conservation measures...

    By Blogger Ram C, at 8:11 PM  

  • Adengappa, uma , hari, ram.c -- Thanks !

    ram -- neenga naduthunga sir..

    By Blogger Cogito, at 2:36 PM  

  • Try telling ur chinese friends to stop eating all those 'exotic' chinese dishes. That will bring back lot of endangered species

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:24 PM  

  • charity begins at home....and its great to see you implement it

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:43 AM  

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