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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The World is Flat

I recently happened to read the book " The world is Flat" by Thomas Friedman. Its a hugely popular book and Friedman is one of the most respected names in International affairs. ( I think therein lies the problem , Friedman has excellent knowledge of middle east and foreign affairs but somehow I find it difficult to digest when he writes an economics based book on Globalization). Nevertheless, the book is a nice leisurely read.

Friedman says he got the idea for this book when interviewing Nandan Nilekani ( CEO , Infosys). Interestingly, I was watching CNBC last week and Nandan was talking about Infosys' quarterly earnings and guess what he said " The World is flat " .

So what is driving a flat world -- Globalization, Free trade & of course Technology.

Also happened to read Nandan's interview in yesterday's New York Times , a few interesting Q&A ( Courtesy : New York Times) :

Q. Are you worried about the outcry over outsourcing in America?

A. What's happening is pretty fundamental. If you go back to the 1830's, India and China were 50 percent of the world's G.D.P., and then they missed the entire revolution of industry. So if you take a long view of this game, it's just part of the process.

Q. Does it feel odd to find yourself lecturing Americans on the joys of capitalism?

A. You guys told us for so many years to cut out this socialist rubbish and go to free markets. We came to free markets and now you're telling us, "Stop, don't come."


  • A related, ROTFL-hilarious, article.

    By Blogger Neodawn, at 5:49 AM  

  • good replies.. summaa 'nach'nu irukku...

    By Blogger Ram C, at 10:31 AM  

  • hey did u read the
    "Lexus and Olive Tree" by same author?

    By Blogger VINAYAK BHAGWAT, at 2:07 PM  

  • Mani Shankar Aiyer put Friedman in his place when he was part of the book opening celebration in India. Friedman is definitely not an authority on Globalization.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:27 PM  

  • west preaches things but when we follow they feel threatened,
    only difference is that now we dont listen to their dictates

    By Blogger Slice Of Life, at 9:10 PM  

  • hi..me landed here thru Chinmayi's blog..

    Interview from Nandan during his US visit was stunning.

    Now i could get..why he was selected as the IT man of the Year.

    He visions the future of the
    IT industry very well..

    Hope in future, he can head NASSCOM.

    By Blogger Rajesh, at 10:05 PM  

  • Gotta get hold of the flat book

    By Blogger peace092677, at 2:39 AM  

  • I didn't know about this interview et all..but Tom Friedman is a favorite of mine. Its good to read him in NY times or see him talk in TV. Great guy.

    Sometimes I even wonder if he was married to someone in India..' or if he has any special connection in India cause he writes a lot on India.!

    According to all my friends out here he is one of the best journalists of Modern times.

    I've read/heard so many positive comments about this book.

    By Blogger Narayanan Venkitu, at 6:08 AM  

  • arun -- awesome piece dude. Thanks.

    ram.c -- definitely

    vinayak -- yes.I have. In fact world is flat looke like a sequel to it..

    anon -- Though Friedman went overboard a bit he means well and writes very well.

    uma -- now we follow what we want thanks to the new found independence

    rajesh -- yeah. Nandan is humoruous,direct and suave.

    osc -- u shud.

    venkitu -- yeah I like Friedman's articles a lot.

    By Blogger Cogito, at 5:01 PM  

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