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Friday, November 18, 2005

Confluence -- A missed Oppurtunity

I was flattered when my co-students ( Though the term is a misnomer since I completed my MBA a few weeks ago but degree has not been conferred yet) , invited me to represent the school in a Biz fest (called Confluence) at IIM-Ahmedabad .Perhaps the fact that I am an obsessed quizzer might have made the school approach me. The Confluence has Case contests,online biz games,a Biz Quiz hosted by Harsha Bhogle and will be held between Nov 24-27. Would have loved to take part in the Harsha Quiz.

But having just commenced employment, there is no way I could ask for a leave of 3 days . Plus I might be travelling on work next week and hence had to say NO to confluence.I know its a huge missed oppurtunity. But then one can't have everything in life or as they say " you can't have your cake and eat it too"


  • yeah this job takes us away from what we would want to do and from our interests...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:56 PM  

  • oh a really awesome oppurtunity.. sad that u missed it..

    By Blogger Hell's Angel, at 1:59 PM  

  • yeah..Would have loved to be there !

    By Blogger Cogito, at 11:10 PM  

  • You should get the contents you missed from the team that represented. It will show what you lost!! and what you could have contributed.

    Like Raghav, says every time while watching KBC2, "Appa, why don't you go to the contest and get me lakhs ( if not the crore ones)as you answer each and every question". KBC2 is not a mind game, though the popular questions are the brainwork of Siddartha Basu.

    Do keep up the old and continuing spirit, and those days of quizzing 15 years back when I need to think a lot to get back ( for want of prize money) the 25 paise coins won by you in balcony (or is it verandah) quizzing

    Kumar Mama

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:42 PM  

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