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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Calvin & Hobbes -- Tenth Anniversary Book Posted by Picasa

To say that Bill Watterson (The creator of the comic strip " Calvin & Hobbes) is a genius , would be to state the obvious. I should thank my aunt for introducing me to the world of calvin & hobbes and for also gifting me this book on my birthday ( B'day was 3 months before , pls don't wish me now !).

The world of comics & animation has always interested me. Call it a childish interest beneath an adult veneer or the ability to see the world through the eyes of kids. There is some Calvin inside everyone of us and his witty remarks and cynicism is something that I definitely possess. The amazing thing about "Calvin & Hobbes" is that its not just humorous but deeply philosophical and satirical on a different plane. I particularly enjoy the one-on-one between Calvin & Hobbes and Hobbes' teasing of Calvin.

This book also features the author's mind. Watterson explains his thought process behind some of the best comic episodes and his views on Syndication,commercialization and abrupt ending of the strip almost a decade ago.

If you are a Calvin & Hobbes Fan , this book is a must buy. If you haven't read the comic strip yet, Please do. Its perhaps one of the best reading decisions you could make.


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