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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Here's looking at you , Steve

Here is to the crazy ones ....The ones who think that they can change the world are the ones who actually do -- So runs the cult Apple Ad of the 90's. Its amazing how much of that fits its legendary CEO, Steve Jobs.He is really a crazy guy by any standards. Put up for adoption as baby he knew his real parents only when he was in his 30's , dropped out of college , went on a spiritual tour to Varanasi(India) as a teenager , vegetarian, started Apple during his 20's , became a millionaire before he knew what money was, made mac a cultural icon and gave birth to the genesis of PC's, ousted out of his own company in 1985 , Started another co (Next) that failed , bought a small outfit (Pixar) which gave the world animation movies , Came back to Apple to launch the iMac's and the icon of today's generation - iPod.Today he is once again one of the most admired CEO's on the planet.

This man amazes me . He has been called different things by different people. But you just can't stop admiring his indomitable spirit.

I just finished reading the book , The second coming of Steve jobs , a critical no-nonsense account of his life and times from his ouster from Apple till his heroic return. As Apple's earlier slogan goes " Think Different" and thatz what Jobs is always good at and which is why Apple has always remained different from any of its competitors.

No wonder the No.1 company in BusinessWeek top 50 is Apple .


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