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Friday, June 09, 2006

Roshan - Rajesh Roshan on his father

An excellent article in Mid-day where Rajesh Roshan reminisces about his father - Roshan. Some interesting excerpts / Trivia for lovers of old hindi film music :

"At these times he’d phone Anil Biswas, the legendary composer and he’d come over and ask, ‘What’s the matter?’ Dad would say ‘This antara is stuck, I am not able to move ahead.’ Then, they’d work on it together.”“Sahir (Ludhianvi) and he were good friends. They argued and fought but never kept any ire in their hearts. Sahirsaab would say ‘Why should your name come before mine?

“SD Burman used to walk on the pavement below and shout out, ‘Roshan, oye Roshan — Accha music deta hai, style accha hai. Darna nahin. Kamti picture se kuch nahin hota hai. Jo aata hai wohi dena, copy nahin karna Roshan!’ And he’d stroll off. Shailendraji used to strangely park his car across the road and shout, ‘C’mon yaar let’s go for a walk.’ ”

“Those were really the days! When these gifted people were allowed their individuality and their peculiarities — a freedom which resulted in eternal and lasting work.”


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