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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A town with a Vision

The only thing remarkable in my wallet is a eye donor card which proclaims , " It is my desire that at the time of my death in any part of the world, the nearest eye bank should be contacted within 6 hours for removing my eyes to be donated to the blind. My eyes should be kept closed and covered with wet cloth and two pillows be kept below my head" . It bears my Name,Address,Phone number and Signature.

Was pleasantly surprised to read about this small town in M.P (India) where the entire town is a firm believer in eye donation. Outlook says, " Much before Aishwarya Rai started persuading television viewers to pledge their eyes to the visually impaired, residents of Neemuch—a small town in western Madhya Pradesh—had made a commitment to donate their eyes. So far, at least three thousand men and women all over the country have been blessed with eyesight, thanks to the citizens of Neemuch. The town even boasts of an ultra-modern eye hospital with in-house facilities for corneal transplant."

GNRC an NGO based at Neemuch seems to be force behind this noble initiative.

So do you want to donate your eyes after your death ? Think about it.


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