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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Andre Agassi Retires - Goodbye!

I remember it like yesterday. John McEnroe was in his swansong year, Ivan Lendl was Mr.Dependable , Boris Becker was the heartthrob of the tennis world and the swedes had two charismatic players in Stefan Edberg & Mats Wilander. And then there was this hippie , with rock star like hair,an ear-ring and flashy T-shirts.

The first time I saw him , I thought here is another confused hippie generation youngster . But beneath that veneer was a player of incredible hard-work with the Gen-X " attitude". No player has captivated the tennis world in the 90's like Agassi. Yes, agreed, that Sampras is a legend , a definitely better player. If Sampras played for the classes, Agassi played for the masses.For someone who had one of the weakest serve & volley (among the top players) and yet to have won all 4 grand slams , is a scintillating achievement.

Agassi has seen it all. He has fought with the Samprases,Couriers,Federers.Agassi will finally look forward to peaceful marital bliss with his beautiful wife - Steffi.

There is a rebel inside all of us,and you were our torch-bearer on the tennis courts. We will miss you !

P.S : Here is a nice write-up by my favorite sports writer - Nirmal Shekar on Agassi's retirement in The Hindu.


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