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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Krrish Tour in Singapore

So did you like the places that you saw in the "Krrish" movie ( The Singapore part) ? The STB (Singapore Tourism Board) has launched a " Krrish Tour" to capitalize on the tremendous success of the movie.

Singapore's official tourist website says, " The Singapore Krrish tour explores the beautiful island city through the eyes of leading Indian movie director Rakesh Roshan. While also sharing interesting trivia about the movie and its making, this tour will acquaint you with the flavor, culture, sights and sounds of the island city as you trace the steps of the Super Hero in the cosmopolitan city.Come face to face with the Orangutans at the Singapore Zoo, dance on Sentosa beach, cruise down the Singapore River, marvel at the world’s largest fountain and swing by the Lau Pa Sat clock-tower, where all the daredevil stunts were filmed.

Make your date with Krrish tour and treat yourself to a breathtaking experience as the film unfolds, showcasing the unique attractions of Singapore. Also get limited editions Krrish t-shirts with Hrithik Roshan’s signature and free tickets to watch the movie in Singapore."


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