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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Mc Gone Aloo

Outlook takes a look at the tenth anniversary of McDonald's & Pizza Hut in India. One of the little understood facet of Globalization is the impact of cultural exchange and invasion. When the Mc's, KFC's came down to India a decade ago, the Indians were fiercely protective of their Idli's & samosas fearing that the burgers would take over India.

A decade later, nothing of that sort has happened. The Idli's & Samosas are gaining popularity abroad, while the Burgers are getting Indianised and still nowhere close to domination. If at all anything, its making the Indian food chains hygienic,competitive and more customer friendly. Competition is always good for consumers .McDonald's has localized amazingly well!

Outlook comments, " Nearly 70 per cent of the items on our menu in India don't exist elsewhere in the world," says Vikram Bakshi, MD (north), McDonald's India. It would be impossible to find a Chicken Tikka Burger or a Paneer Salsa Wrap at any McDonald's outside India. On the other hand, the company's global bestseller, the Big Mac Burger, is excluded from the Indian menu because it is made of beef. In fact, India was the first market in the world where McDonald's kept away from beef and pork, for obvious cultural reasons. Its cultural sensitivity is also evident during the navratras, when the company also includes in its menu food items sans onion and garlic.In India, McDonald's also does something it loathes doing in the West: home delivery. "

Something unique to the developing countries is the aspirational value Mcdonald's provides ( The great Indian Americanization). Nowhere in the world would you find an executive / college kid taking out his family / friends to McDonald's for a "treat".

So a decade later, Mcdonald's has indianized than vice-versa.

P.S : I know lot of you don't think the same way I do.Let me know your views.


  • India is probably the only country where McD's home delivers' :)
    Can u beat that - Indianisation zindabad
    For me McD's is convinience food - if we are running between meetings - its a place where u can finish a meal in 10 minutes - and i thnk that they have set the standard as far as cleanliness is concerned!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:53 PM  

  • harini - right. people often fail to see the other side of the coin.

    By Blogger Cogito, at 11:02 PM  

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