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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Shameless Exploitation in Pursuit of the Common Good by Paul Newman & A.E.Hotchner - Book review

Paul Newman is a remarkable man by any standards ( If you have doubts, read my earlier post !). An excellent cook himself, Newman started the food products company " Newman's own" and ran it like a true maverick and ended up being wildly successful. The company donates every cent of its profits to charity ( It literally cleares its books at the end of every year and starts afresh from next year !) and has till date donated close to $200 million to charitable causes.

The book can actually be divided into two parts. The first part dicusses how they built the business in an unconventional style ( Using only all-natural ingredients, utter disregard for market research, radically different ditribution approach ). The authors impregnate the book with amusing anecdotes and wacky humor.

The second half gets more serious and talks about the different charitable causes for which they have donated the money. The prime beneficiary is the Hole in the wall gang , which runs camps for terminally ill children and makes their last few days enjoyable and memorable.

Paul Newman is a hero not just on the screen, he is one off it too. An interesting and amusing read ( at the same poignant too) , this book would open your eyes to a new outlook towards life.


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