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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hrishida - The hero of realistic cinema

Musafir,Anupama, Satyakam,Anand, Bawarchi,Abhimaan,Golmaal ( not to forget Anari,Anuradha,Aashirwaad,Guddi,Namak Haraam,Mili,Chupke Chupke , Khubsoorat, Naram Gharam). These movies are not just the answers to my previous quiz, but a testimony to the enormous talent and versatility of Hrishikesh Mukherjee. He made movies for the common man devoid of glamour,vulgarity and violence. I am his avid fan and shall always remain so.May his soul RIP.As they say,art is immortal.

Here is a rare audio interview of Hrishida given by him in 2000 after recieving the prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke Award.

Here is the official tribute website of Hrishida which also contains some rare wonderful photos.

Here is an old interview of Gulzar ( Who had a long association with him) where he fondly reminisces about Hrishida .

Gulzar on Hrishida (Source unknown) "I called Bimalda guru and Hrishida, masterji.I started out in the school where the late Bimal Roy was the principal and Hrishikesh Mukherjee (Hrishida) who was Bimalda's chief assistant was Masertji for all of us. Masterji wanted good work because he firmly believed in good work which could only lead to good cinema.

Bimalda died in 1965 and we who worked with him as a team were suddenly unemployed. It was Hemant Kumar who came to our rescue and got us jobs in various places. Hemantda who was at the peak kept me with him to write his songs. He then introduced me to Hrishida who was destined to play a very important role in any life and career.It was 1965 and Hrishida was already making good cinema long before they before they talked about new cinema and parallel cinema. His cinema is simply what is called good cinema, cinema for every man, woman and child. He is a very good man and his goodness is reflected in all his films, that's why there are no villains in any of his films. He belonged to a typical middle class family who lived with his parents, his brothers and his sister.They are all seen in some way and other films.

He called me to work with him for the first time in Aashirwad. What followed was one long innings, a partnership as director and writer. He was the master still and I his obedient Shishy. There were times when Masterji said working with him had become a habit with him. And there were even times when Masterji made me stand out of class, dropped me from some of his films.I learned so many things from this humble genius of a man, specially, his timing for every kind of scene. I don't know why God has stopped creating great men like them this these days. His (God's)decision has greatly affected good filmmakers like Masterji and the kind of good cinema he made."


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