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Friday, September 29, 2006


PAWS (Plant and Animals welfare society) is an NGO started by youngsters in Thane near Mumbai a few years ago. I heard about them a few weeks ago and thought will highlight the good work that they are doing.

Their activities include :

Ambulance Service : PAWS responds to public calls to help sick & injured stray animals.

Sterilizations & Vaccinations: PAWS catches stray dogs & cats from different cities in Thane district and get them sterilized at Bombay’s hospital, then they release from where they are picked-up. PAWS also vaccinates against rabies to all the animals, which are sterilized.

Other activities include : First Aid & Camps,Pigeon Shelter, Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation,Helping Cattle’s in Distress,Adoptions & Rehoming.

Visit their website to know more about them / help them .


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