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Sunday, October 08, 2006

2006 Economics Nobel Prize - and it goes to......

Thomson Scientific one of the leading book publishers, does some crystal ball gazing to predict who would win the Nobel Prize in economics this year. Unlike most other prizes ( perhaps except the peace prize), the economics nobel prize is closely tied to the contemporary political ideology and business climate.

So, here are the predictions. The top favorites are Jagdish Bhagwathi,Avinash Dixit and Paul Krugman (all three combined for their contributions to international trade theory). I have read "In defense of Globalization" by Bhagwathi, lot of Dixit in my MBA and of course most books by Krugman ( Who I believe is an amazing economist because he writes with the mind of an economist but with the pen of a common man ) . Krugman is also well known as a NYT columnist. Globalization is the hot topic today and hence I wouldn't be surprised if they win.

Btw,It would take just a few more hours to know how good the prediction is...


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