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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Photo of the Week - Graha Makmur- Malacca, Malaysia Posted by Picasa

I took this photo during my Trip to Malacca, Malaysia. This is the office of the City Municipal Council. Whoa. Who wouldn't pay the utilities bill if one has such a beautiful office ?


  • One should not even think of comparison of chennai corruption sorry corporation building with this.People used to say that in corporation Rippon building only outer building is pure white whereas inside everything is only black

    By Blogger தி. ரா. ச.(T.R.C.), at 8:23 PM  

  • As a photographer, I admire such a beautiful building but from an economic perspective I just wonder if such an opulence could give them decent ROI.

    By Blogger Cogito, at 1:15 PM  

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