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Monday, December 11, 2006

Rainbow Quiz - Identify the personality - Week 19

Here is the next weekly "Rainbow" quiz , where I would be giving 7 clues (Hence the name Rainbow) about a personality. Try to discover the person in the least number of clues . You can either leave the answer as a comment / email me . Feedback/ suggestions welcome. Googling is not preferred but then its just for fun and so go ahead if you need to.

Versatility's other name is X. A remarkable human being and thinker. Whenever I think of the city of P---- , his name springs up in my memory.

clue # 1 : X was born Calcutta and did his early schooling in the prestigious Loreto Convent School at Darjeeling.

clue # 2 : At the age of seven, X left for England. In England, X mastered Greek and excelled at Latin and gained a scholarship to King's College, Cambridge University.

clue # 3 : X returned to India in late 19th century and became a leader of the group of Indian nationalists known as the Extremists for their willingness to use violence and advocate outright independence. He was the editor of a nationalist Bengali newspaper "Vande Mataram".

clue # 4 : He became famous when he was arrested in the "Alipore Bomb Case" but was acquitted after a year of trial.He turned into a profound sage and seer while being incarcerated for a year in the Alipore Jail.

clue # 5 : X was a nationalist, freedom fighter, scholar, poet, mystic, evolutionary philosopher, yogi and guru.His metaphysical teaching was balanced by a practical method, called "Integral Yoga".

clue # 6 : His closest collaborator in his yoga was Mirra Richard , also known as " Y" .

clue # 7 : One of the most significant contributions of X to Hinduism was his setting forth an Esoteric meaning of the Vedas.These essays have been condensed as a book form known as “The Secret of the Vedas”.

Who are X & Y ?


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