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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Rainbow Quiz - Identify the personality - Week 34

Here is the next weekly "Rainbow" quiz , where I would be giving 7 clues (Hence the name Rainbow) about a personality. Try to discover the person in the least number of clues . You can either leave the answer as a comment / email me . Feedback/ suggestions welcome. Googling is not preferred but then its just for fun and so go ahead if you need to.

An extremely versatile musician.

clue # 1 : "X" is a child prodigy and started performing vocal concerts at the age of five. Apart from vocal music , for which he is famous, he is also an expert instrumentalist. He can play the violin, viola, kanjira, veena and mridangam.

clue # 2 : Nearly 400 Carnatic musical compositions are credited to him. He invented several new ragas and a new tala (rhythm) system is also credited to him.

clue # 3: "X" was one of the first vocalists to collaborate with Hindustani classical musicians like Bhimsen Joshi, Hariprasad Chaurasia and Kishori Amonkar to perform jugalbandis in concert.

clue # 4 : "X" has composed in all the 72 melakarta ragas (base ragas) of Carnatic music.

clue # 5 : "X" traces his lineage to the musical trinity and belongs to the fifth generation of Thyagaraja’s direct disciples.

clue # 6 : "X" has had no formal education. In fact, he says he has not been to school for more than three months. However, he has received at least seven honorary doctorates including Ph D, D Sc and D Litt.

clue # 7 : Apart from classical music, "X" is also a winner of national awards in the best playback singing and the best music direction category.

who is X?

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