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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Movie marathon

I caught up with a few good movies over this weekend in a movie marathon spree.

1. Parineeta : Wanted to watch this one for a long time. Calcutta seemed beautiful , Vidya Balan didn't look like a debutante, music was soothing.

2. Arsenic and Old lace : This Frank Capra classic , although 60 years old, still evokes great laughter with memorable characters (with "Teddy Roosevelt" being the most memorable one) and funny one-liners.

3. Rashomon: I never found this DVD in the library until last weekend. This Japanese classic directed by Akira Kurosawa explores the theme of "perception as reality". The film gives us four viewpoints of a murder and rape incident - one for each defendant . The viewer is left to interpret the truth.

4. American Graffiti : Features the coming of age of four American high school teenagers who have to decide on college by the next day morning. Set as a overnight movie in the swinging 60's, it features an incredible soundtrack and future stars such as Harrison Ford, Richard Dreyfus and Ron Howard. This semi-autobiographical movie was directed by George Lucas ( of Star Wars fame).

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