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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The name game

Last few weeks have been hectic since I have been shuttling between Singapore and KL for a consulting project. Amex have been my travel agents for most of the trips. Spelling out my name used to be a irritant during travel booking before ( Particularly in the US ).

But now its so simple. Since most of the calls are routed to Indian Call centers, I get to speak to an "Neutral accent" guy who knows the perfect spelling for my first name and last name !


  • That is the way the world lives. I too had plenty of such irritants, more so related to the surname... when i say, i do not have a surname.. westerners think i am one of their lot.. crisis on identity of the race... or when they start calling the expansion of the initial ( which is actually one's father's name) and I retort saying that it is the father's name who no longer is alive ... or when they ask for the e-mail id ( even within the organisation.. i found out a short way of spelling the id) I had to create a short email id to suit the non-tamilian friends.


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