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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rainbow Quiz - Identify the personality - Week 54

Here is the next weekly "Rainbow" quiz , where I would be giving 7 clues (Hence the name Rainbow) about a personality. Try to discover the person in the least number of clues . You can either leave the answer as a comment / email me . Feedback/ suggestions welcome. Googling is not preferred but then its just for fun and so go ahead if you need to.

This quiz is dedicated to one of the luminaries of Astronomy.He also led a colorful,eccentric life.

clue # 1 : "X" was born in a Danish noble family. He mostly studied under private tutors until beginning his studies at the University of Copenhagen.

clue # 2 : There he studied law but also studied a variety of other subjects and became interested in astronomy. It was here that he started making his own predictions in the field of astronomy helped by some of the professors.

clue # 3 : While a student, "X" lost part of his nose in a duel ( Because of a quarrel) with another fellow nobleman . For the rest of his life, he wore a false nose.

clue # 4 : As an astronomer, "X" invented his own model of the universe, the "X" system. He is credited with the most accurate astronomical observations of his time, and the data were used by his assistant Kepler to derive the laws of planetary motion.

clue # 5 : "X" led an extremely eccentric life. He was said to own one percent of the entire wealth of Denmark at one point in the 16th century. He kept a dwarf as a court jester who sat under the table during dinner. He also had a tame moose.

clue # 6 : "X" died during early 17th century, eleven days after suddenly becoming very ill during a banquet. For hundreds of years, the general belief was that he had strained his bladder. It had been said that to leave the banquet before it concluded would be the height of bad manners, and so he remained, and that his bladder, stretched to its limit, developed an infection which he later died of ( This theory has been disproved lately).

clue # 7 : Craters in Moon and Mars have been named in honor of his contribution to astronomy.

Who is X?



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