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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Landmark Quiz - Bangalore Edition

Here are some interesting questions from the Landmark Quiz - Bangalore edition that was held this month. Most of them are eminently "work-able" . Give it a shot ... ( I will post the answers in a few days)

1. Which event was dairy farmer Max Yusgur referring when he said that "You have proven to the world that Half a million kids can get together for fun and music and have nothing but fun & music."?

2. Vasudev and Jahangir were two names which this actor rejected. What name did he eventually choose as his screen name ?

3. Tagore received a message on his 80th Birthday: FOUR SCORE NOT ENOUGH, MAY YOU FINISH FIVE". Who sent it?

4. Which Indian State capital's name literally means the "land that does not flood"?

5. Which classic closes with the lines: 'It is a far far better thing than I do, than I have ever done, this a far far better rest that I have got to then, …..

6. I was chairperson of a State Water pollution Control Board in 1980s, served as Director, National Federation of urban Cooperative Banks and credit societies. I was elected four times to Lok Sabha, Elected as MLA from Adilabad Constituency. Who am I?

7. Which country has the World's largest number of tigers as per 2005-06 ?

8. For spreading and using of what was the web site TrackGandhi.com established?

9. In 1916, give the name of the eminent lawyer who defended Bal Gangadhar Tilak?

10. What comprises 5,800 hymns, 14,000 pages but always placed on a cushion?

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