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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sarkar Raj & RGV

I saw the movie Sarkar Raj last week. My verdict : Its not a bad movie, but somehow lacks depth. I liked Sarkar slightly better (despite the blatant inspiration from "Godfather").

Ram Gopal verma ( RGV) , the film's director and a recent blogger has taken the fight to the critics. In a frank and aggressive blog post, he has questioned the credibility of the film critics. I have never seen such a personalized and caustic response from any film maker yet.

So are our film critics (as RGV has suggested) truly qualified to critic films ? Unfortunately, the truth is most critics in India lack the experience / love for cinema to be good critics and the rest are purely biased due to various reasons.
In Bollywood, there are more people who love the power & limelight than the craft of film making. So the critics are just part of a bigger problem - the lack of passion and love for art. Art for art's sake, anyone?

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