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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Crazy Avatar

" Crazy" Mohan is inimitable. A multi-faceted personality, he is quite famous for his stage plays , cinema dialogues and painting .

I recently read the book " Five star Palagara Kadai" - a compilation of his humorous essays in Junior Vikatan in the 80's. Crazy idolizes P.G.Wodehouse and I can vouch that he is not far away from his mentor in humor & writing style. This book is simply hilarious and would leave one in splits with its anecdotes and punch lines.

The best amongst this collection -
1. " Naai Villargal" ( Dog villians) - his encounters with dogs
2. " Nil Gavani Kizhavi" - The scooter accident involving an old woman
3. "Politics plus 2" - his recommendations for a school for politicians
4. "doctargal pala vidham" - an overview of the various kinds of doctors

This book is in tamil ( published by Vikatan group) and is priced at Rs.45. Beg,borrow,steal!

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