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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Relive Pancham - Review

It was a musical evening that RDB fans would remember forever. R.D.Burman's music troupe performed at the Esplanade concert hall last Sunday, entertaining the audience for more than 3 hours. Though I am a bigger fan of the father Burman ( S.D.Burman) , the son is not too behind in my list of favorite composers.

The concert was a pure musical concert devoid of any vocals ( except for the yodelling " Monica Oh my darling" ).
The concert was compered very well by the renowned " Harish Bhimani" ( who provided a lot of trivia on RDB's life and films) and conducted ably by " " . The star of the show was Manohari Singh , the sax player in RDB's troupe who had assisted RDB from Bhoot Bhangla ( his first movie) to 1942 - A love story ( his swan song). Manoharida is 79 years old now - a frail figure who walks quite slowly due to his age. But the moment he takes the sax in his hands , he is transformed into a tour-de-force full of energy and ethusiasm.

Here are the songs performed at the concert:

1. Theme music of " Sholay"

2. Chanda Main ( Movie : ???)

3. Kya Janoon Sajan ( Movie : Baharon Ke Sapne)

4. Gulabi Aanken ( Movie : The Train) - Brilliant song , it set the mood for the concert.

5. Ae Jawani Ae Deewani ( Movie: Jawani Diwani)

6. Chura Liya ( Movie: Yaadon Ki Baarat)

7. Jaane Jaa ( Movie: Jawani Diwani) - Manoharida was wonderful on Saxophone.

8. Ab Jo Mile Tho ( Movie: Caravan)

9. Jab Andera hota hai ( Movie: Raja rani)

10. Khatooba ( Movie: Alibaba and 40 thieves)

11. O meri jaan ( Movie: The train)

12. Bachna ae haseeno ( Movie: Hum Kissise kum nahin)

13. Dil Lena ko ( Movie: Zamana ko dikhana hai)

14. Saiyan re saiyan ( Movie: The train)

15. Koi Haathon main ( Movie: Mela)

16. Kaanta Laga ( Movie: Samadhi)

17. Dum maro dum ( Hare rama hare krishna)

18. A "medley" from Hum Kissise kum nahin

19. Lekar hum ( Movie: Yaadon ki baarat)

20. Mehbooba ( Movie: Sholay)

21. Title song of Shaan

22. Title music of Shalimar

23. Piya Tu ( Movie: Caravan) - the best song of the evening with excellent orchestration

24. Yeh Jo Mohabbat ( Movie: Kati Patang)

The list was a surprise ( I expected Aandhi, Amar prem, Teesri Manzil, Ghar, Ijaazat, Golmaal, etc) for me. Since fast numbers sound better in a musical concert without vocals, the troupe must have chosen the aforementioned ones.

It was 3 hours of sheer nostalgia and bliss. I look forward to pancham 2009.

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  • www.panchammagic.org is their website and I happened to be just a normal lover- who somehow got 3 Sets of CD's of three years and missed 2007 set.
    Personally talked to Ashutosh - a nice person in team of organizers...but you are lucky that you witnessed this in real.
    Wish someday- we could make it real !

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:56 AM  

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