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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Nizhal Nijamagirathu

Its one of those occasions when you stumble upon a gem. I managed to grab a DVD of this movie from the library just out of curiosity and what a movie it turned out to be.

It has got all the vintage touches of KB with some power packed performances, especially from actress Shoba. The screenplay is a clever combination of " taming of the shrew" and rich vs poor social divide. Starring Kamal Haasan, Sumitra, Shoba, Sarathbabu and Mouli in memorable roles, the movie is yet another exposition of the issue of unwed mothers, social stigma and need for human companionship.

Kamal plays the revolutionary socialist with elan while Sumitra fits easily into the role of a " Androphobic "( hatred of men) while Mouli plays a very different role as someone obsessed with women and gossip. However Shoba, in her debut movie, steals the scene from everyone. From being a dreamy eyed teenager to the wronged women and an unwed mother , she is very natural and realistic in every scene ( Its a pity that this talented actress commited suicide at such an young age).

KB has etched his characters with utmost care and the dialogues are punched with enough power and justification for each of the characters. Surprisingly, the movie features just two songs but what a song those two turn out to be ...

If Shoba is the heroine of the movie, then Kannadasan should rightfully be hailed as the hero of the movie for penning the soulful songs " Kamban Yemandhan" & " Ilakanam Marutho" . First, it takes guts to start a song with the lines " Kamban Yemandhan" and " Ilakanam marutho" is an apt lesson for budding lyricists on how to capture the essence of a movie in simple yet soulful words.

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  • As for NN, KB outscores everybody. I would say the 70s and 80s are the bad decades of tamil cinema if not for KB (imagine sivaji with his paunch dancing with sripriya and a wrinkle faced MGR hitting against the villains). He was the saving grace of the industry for a long long period. This movie is a KB gem and is a must watch for anybody who wants to learn film making. Master Story telling.Screenplay,Characters & Dialogs were awesome. Songs by Kavignar were just too good.Truly a masterpiece

    By Blogger Aruneganesh, at 10:54 PM  

  • This one by KB was a gem.

    By Blogger Cogito, at 11:08 PM  

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