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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pak - United against the wrong enemy

The Economist hits the nail on the head in this article titled " Pakistan - United against the wrong enemy".

"If Pakistan's leaders had ever united against Islamist militancy as they have against India over the past three weeks, their country would not be the violent mess that it is.

Ever since India alleged, with subsequent corroboration from America and Britain, that Pakistani terrorists carried out last month’s mass murder in Mumbai, the country’s politicians, generals and fire-breathing journalists have been declaring themselves ready for war—if that’s what India chooses.India’s government, despite huge pressure from its own bellicose media, has been more restrained. It has said it does not intend to attack its neighbour. "

Even if Pakistan spends half the time and resources that it spends on worrying about India in fixing its internal problems of militant fundamentalism and economic disenchantment, the world would be a better place. The Pakistani government owes it not just for the sake of the western nations ( or India) but to ensure peace and prosperity of its own citizens.



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