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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Musical musings

Music has become an integral part of my life, definitely more so in the last few years. The more I traveled , the more I was exposed to the different forms of music and this has definitely expanded my horizons beyond the realm of Carnatic and Indian film music that I was very familiar with during my youth.

Though the blunt truth is that I still know only a little bit of a few things in music, I have come a long way from my parochial teenage days in understanding and appreciating various realms of world music such as Western Classical, Ghazals, Qawwalis and the Indian classical & film music scene.

Over the years, I have also been learning music ( quite irregularly due to my travel related to work) to enable me to appreciate both the aesthetics and intelligence behind the compositions.

For someone who listens to a lot of music, I hardly blog about it. I intend to change that in the next few weeks and this post can be a treated as a "disclaimer
" for that. I am still an amateur but hopefully my posts would kindle some fire amongst other amateurs and like-minded people



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