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Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Great Indian Elections

By any standards, the Indian elections is a mammoth exercise. The greatest collective "sound" of millions of voices - of cherished dreams, earnest expectations, hope for a better future.

The moment the counting begins, the great "Tamsha" commences too. The " Tamasha" of false humility, pretense of the highest order, naked greed and more greed. The media goes overboard too with how accurately they predicted the results and journalists who probably ate adrenaline for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Today is such a day. Looks like the UPA might be set to form the next government, amidst all the clamour and noise. The only reassurance amidst all this is one man, a man of highest integrityand care for the nation, who might , thankfully, become the PM again.



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