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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jakarta Trip - Highlights

I was in Jakarta on a business trip last week - my first time in the city. Here are some observations:

a) I liked the airport. It was quite spacious and resembled a resort with ethnic architecture and a luxurious timelessness.

b) Once you are outside the airport, the encounter with real Jakarta begins. The cab driver was very shy but the topic of " Bollywood" loosened him up. He was a big fan of Kareena Kapoor and asked me to pass his regards to her next time I meet her ( hehe, as if I bump into these stars on a daily basis !).

c) You start, commute and end your journey in traffic jams with little respite. Jakarta is a great place to learn patience and drivers there are quite adept at it.

d) Like most developing cities, cosy flyovers rub shoulders with shanty slums.

e) I traveled by Garuda Airlines ( the national carrier) and the " Veg" food was terrific with Puri Aloo and pulao rice.

f) Indonesia is renowned for its handicrafts - amazing craftmanship and creativity. Unfortunately, I had no time for real shopping and could only do "window shopping" at the airport.



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