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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Vada Pav Memories

This article in Outlook, rekindled memories of the great Mumbai fetish - Vada Pav. Like a bollywood love story, my encounter with Vada Pav started with irreverence and a clash. In my first week in Mumbai , I called up my mom and here is how the conversation went :

Mom : So, what are you having for breakfast? Are you able to get Idli, dosas there?

Me : I think Idli, Dosas are available although I don't know where. I am having a dish they call Vada Pav for breakfast. Its a strange dish where they put Aloo Bonda inside a Bun and give it to me with some chillies and chutney :-)

From there, I made much better progress over the next few months to become an "obsessed" Vada Paophile ( If there is such a term). Vada Pav was the simplest, tastiest and easy to carry snack that was tailor made for the fast paced life of Mumbai. I simply loved the Vada Pavs in Thane, where their size was much bigger.

Next time I am in Munbai I have two goals - Walk into a Jumbo King outlet to taste their Vada Pav and then head straight to Mithibai college.

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