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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Appeal - John Grisham - Book Review

I rarely read fiction these days but can always make an exception for Grisham. A master storyteller and the father of the " Legal thriller" genre, Grisham held sway over readers across the world with his early novels such as Pelican Brief, The Firm, Client ( most of which were made into blockbuster movies). Then he tried his hand at non-legal fiction and that is where he lost steam.

"The Appeal" is a mixture of " Legal thriller" and " Political lobbying" in a cocktail. Its Big greedy business vs small county citizens - David Vs Goliath story though in the end the Goliath wins ( which am sure disappointed many readers). I thought the ending reflected the reality of today's world where more Goliaths than Davids win. So my verdict : Its like most movies - Great first half that loses pace in the end.

On a Separate note, the book offers a quick glimpse of the clash of Social Liberalism Vs Conservatism in rural America. Issues that still deeply divide the nation - Pro-business ( Vs Pro-people) , Gun Control, Homosexuality, Abortion and Death Penalty.

It got me thinking of own stand on these issues ( Though none would care for my views !) . Well, I would reserve that for another blog post.

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