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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Landmark Quiz - Chennai - Prelim Q's

Some interesting questions from the Landmark Quiz that was held in Chennai last week. Give it a shot.

1. In the 1960’s Vogue magazine listed the “10 Most Beautiful Women in the World”. Two Indians were on this list and both died recently. Name them.

2. On what poster would you find these lines, “What does it take to find a lost lover? (a) Money (b) Luck (c) Smarts (d) Destiny”

3. During a previous total solar eclipse visible in India, in 1868, a French scientist named Pierre Jansen travelled to a tobacco field just outside Guntur to observe the spectrum. A resultant yellow line in the spectrum was a pointer to which new element, which was the first-ever element to be discovered outside Earth before it was found on Earth?

4. By convention what two symbols are traditionally used in publishing to denote the first and second footnotes to the main text in a book?

5. What sweet dish made from wheat and ghee is believed to derive its distinctive flavour from the Tamaraiparani river and was made famous by a Marwari family which settled there more than 300 years ago and started an eatery named Lakshmi Vilas?

6. Gandhiji was inspired by the simple attire of peasants in this region while on a train journey. Once he reached his destination, he shaved his head. The next morning, after a bath, he appeared dressed in a four cubits long khadi cloth, worn as a knee-length half-dhoti. Rajaji and Dr. T.S.S. Rajan who were present there tried to make Gandhiji change his mind. Gandhiji’s mind was, however, firmly made up. In which city did this incident occur?

7. The rath yatra is now a standard mode of elections campaigns in India with several leaders choosing this mass contact programme to win over the electorate. Who undertook the pioneering ‘rath yatra’ which besides catapulting him to power also entered the ‘Guinness Book of Records’?

8. Which organization got its name because its members used to meet at the office of each member of the group in turns?

9. Who is the only fictional character whose death in a book was announced to the world in the New York Times?

10. Madras and Bangalore are installing statues of poets from each other's states as a mutual gesture. In Bangalore, the statue is of Thiruvalluvar. Which Kannada poet's statue will come up in Chennai?

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  • 1. Leela Naidu and Gayathri devi?
    5. Tirunelveli Halwa?
    6. Madurai?
    7. LK Advani

    By Blogger Srihari SN, at 1:49 AM  

  • 1. Gayarthri Devi & .....

    3. Helium

    4. "^" and "*" ?

    5. Halwa

    6. Madurai

    8. Rotary

    10. Sarvajna

    By Blogger Dinesh, at 11:24 AM  

  • Good attempt guys.

    Here are the answers :

    1. Leela Naidu & Gayathri Devi

    2. Slumdog Millionaire

    3. Helium

    4. Asterisk & Obelisk

    5. Thirunelveli Halwa

    6. Madurai

    7. NTR

    8. Rotary Club

    9. Sherlock Holmes

    10. Sarvajna

    By Blogger Cogito, at 8:34 PM  

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