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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mr.Smith goes to Washington - Movie Review

It is a Saturday afternoon and one is completely jaded after an hectic week at office. The last thing you want is "sermons" thrown at you - you would rather watch a " Harry met Sally" than " Mr.Smith". But somewhere in the middle of the movie, it touches a chord in you , makes you question your ideals ( If I did have any in the first place) and purpose of life.

Jefferson & Lincoln were no ordinary men and you need movies like these to remind us of those facts. Yeah, this movie is a little too sugary and cliche for today's world ( This movie was made in 1939) but the morals aren't.

Values are worth fighting for and this movie shows how to win a good fight. No wonder it is in the top 100 list of AFI & IMDB.



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