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Tuesday, September 08, 2009


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I can't imagine missing a concert titled "RTP". Shankar took us back to the good ol' days when RTP was sung in a detailed manner by dedicating 90 minutes to it in this concert. The RTP was in " Shanmughapriya" and as they say you can never go wrong with this Raaga. Despite voice problems, Shankar gave a commendable performance and impressed the audience with a very good Alapana and Pallavi. The Tanam was rather brief and could have been a little longer. He sang a very nice Jayadev Ashtapathi in raag " Shudh Saarang" ( I thought it was Hamsanadham until he clarified it as " Shudh Sarang")after the RTP and ended the concert with an Abhang in Brindavana Saranga. V.V.Ravi & J Balaji provided an excellent support on the Violin & Mirdhangam respectively.

Here is the full song list :

1. Varnam - Kanada
2. Ma Janaki - Kamboji
3. RTP - Shanmughapriya with ragamalika swaras in Hindolam, Ranjani, Behag & Sivaranjani
4. Nalina Tharana - Ashtapathi - Shudh Saarang
5. Abhang - Brindavana Saaranga

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