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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Venezuela - What 4 things come to your mind?

I was standing at the traffic light opposite to Suntec waiting to cross the road. The stranger next to me asked me , " Can you tell me how to get to the Convention centre?" . I told her the directions and asked her to follow me since I was going there anyway. Here is the how the conversation went for the next 2 mins :

Me : So, where are you from ( She had thick Spanish accent)?

Stranger : I am from Venezuela. Have you heard of the country ? ( My first instinct in such cases is to rattle the capital city and ask them if they are from there).

Me : Yes, of course. Are you from Caracas?

Stranger : Wow, have you been to Caracas?

Me : No. Just know the capital name.

Stranger : What else do you know about Venezuela ? What are the things that come to your mind?

Me: Four things that come to my mind immediately - Oil, Beauty Pageants, Angel Falls ( the highest waterfall in the world) & Hugo Chavez.

Stranger : I am impressed but please " am not proud of the last one in the list you mentioned".

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