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Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Week - Examining "Famous" Rivalries

The Week , which has always stood apart from the crowd, examines some of the famous rivalries of recent times.

While some of them are indeed famous ( Mukesh Vs Anil, Kennedy Vs Khrushchev, Periyar Vs Rajaji, Indira Vs Morarji, Lata Vs Asha, Ambani Vs Wadia , Gavaskar vs Kapil), there are other that are downright trivial ( Miandad Vs More ( who remembers this except for the jumping), Sarabhai Vs Dhawan, Sonia Vs Maneka ( Shouldn't it be Indira vs Maneka?).

The writers are the usual suspects and that makes it a rather predictable read than an exciting one.

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