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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Masala Dosa - An interview with the winner

With the Outlook magazine announcing " Masala Dosa" as the national dish of India through a nation wide survey of 1000 people (!), there is no dearth of drum beating by the south Indians. I thought its better to interview the winner ( Masala Dosa) on this historic win which could have deep repercussions for the future of culinary scene in India. Here is an exclusive interview with Masala Dosa ( only on our blog) :

Q: Did you expect this win?

A ( By Masala Dosa): Honestly, I did. I knew in a country like India, the votes would be split with very little consensus. I was counting on my southern brethren to contribute to my win.

Q: Were you surprised by the support that you got from North Indians?

A: Not actually. Most North Indians know little more than Masala Dosa in South Indian cuisine. In addition, the fact that I have "Aloo" and Idli doesn't , tremendously helped me.

Q: What do you think about more women preferring you than men?

A: Is this going to be telecast on National TV or Cable? My response would depend on it !

Q: How do you plan to ensure your lead against competition ( Mainly Mutton Briyani, Tandoori Chicken, Idli Sambar)?

A: Between you & me, I am trying to garner some political support against the mutton, chicken camps. Since the foreigners can't vote, I am safe against competition from " Tandoori Chicken". Idli could hardly be considered as a competitor to me, it is not even available throughout India.

Q: Heard that a certain politician is trying to rile up protests against you since "Vada Pav" didn't win the polls.

A: You & I know the truth. Even people in his city eat more Masala dosa than Vada Pav. I have nothing against Vada Pav, if you think about it, he is a very close cousin of me.

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