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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Worldspace - End of an era

Two days ago there was music but today there is just silence. Most listeners of the Worldspace satellite radio were taken by surprise when the broadcaster announced the closure of its Indian ( Asian) operations on 31st Dec. The news shouldn't have surprised many, considering that the company filed for bankruptcy protection in the US more than a year ago.

What made Worldspace good ?

An excellent rooster of India specific content ( well, they had 95% of total global subscribers from India) that was ad free and well compered. Their classical music channels , Gandharva (Hindustani) & Sruti ( Carnatic), particularly stood out filing a niche and cultivating a loyal audience.

My tryst with World space

In early 2009, despite knowing about the bankruptcy filing, I bought a World space radio in Singapore and immensely enjoyed the experience. I was particularly addicted to Sruti, listening to yesteryear masters and thematic programmes that greatly enriched my understanding and knowledge of carnatic music.

Why did I buy the Worldspace radio fully knowing about the bankruptcy?

Music is a matter of heart and perfectly rational people make irrational decisions, listening to their heart. With that same irrationality, I am hoping that Worldspace would make a come back in 2010 ( rescued by angel investors). It would be a shame if it is allowed to die.

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