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Thursday, March 18, 2010

KL trip

How to make a boring one day business trip to KL interesting?
Try flying the Firefly ( subsidiary of Malaysian airlines) turboprop flight to subang. It's a smaller yet cool looking aircraft which offers an adventurous short hop.

Here is my experience:

1. Check-in & boarding was a breeze. Being a smaller plane with just 72 seats, its easy to fill the plane fast.

2. The plane looks like a cross between a chopper & glider. The ground clearance is low and the noise is huge. It flies slower ( 80 mins flying time to subang ) and at a lower altitude.

3. They offer upto 15 kg check-in and serve muffin & cool drinks.

4. Immigration at subang was very quick. I got out of the airport in 5 mins and it was a 15 mins taxi ride to the city.

5. Tip: sit in the rear - that is where the exit doors are.

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