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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tata Crucible Quiz - Chennai Edition Questions

Give it a shot. Answers in a few days.

1. How does the world better know the Waterbury clock company?

2. Maheshwar Hydro Electric project is a diversification project of which textile major in India?

3. With which chocolate maker you will associate the tagline “the sweetest place on earth”?

4. Which form was founded in 1907 by Eugene Schuler ?

5. Which auto major is a major investor in Juventus?

6. Which organisation known for pioneering industrial standards was started in Feb. 1947?

7. One Italian word for maker of coffee

8. Your lungs, your heart, your legs, your will. Running isn’t a team sport – Adline for what ?

9. Theory propagated by a famous business leader during his tenure at GE called One-Two theory of Mgmt. Who and explain?

10. This term coined by Gifferd and Elizabeth gives the description of an employee who contributes to the business success of the organisation and innovation culture.

11. Term was coined in 18th century – comes from the French word of quarter master – extensively used in military management.

12. Believed and accepted to be first done by Simon Stevin from Belgium as early as 16th century -called it as “the Fair statement”. What?

13. Directors of this company thought that the length of the name was longer – so they had an acronym TTK – then they changed to a name of Latin origins to make a short and crisp name. Which company?

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